Reviews from our Service Department

Here at Salem Cycle we pride ourselves on having Great Service!

Here some responses from our customers that visited our service department.


Question 1
This was my first visit to the service department.

This was my first visit to the service department. Total Votes
Yes 89
No 164

DIANE AYOTT You were terrific and instructional! Thank you!!! I will be back!
JOSH&LEA GILLIS Will was great. Quick and efficient
MAGGIE&KEN DOBIE Very courteous
TERRI JUPPE & BETH O'BRIEN This was Beth's first time at Salem Cycle. Great Experience!
AMANDA RIVERS they actually kind of high balled me the repair price. i was going in for a discontinued stroller wheel fix, which was kind of nice. It ended up being about $75 less then they originally quoted the price could get up to (they were able to fix the piece rather then have to remake it). So coming in to a $25 bill was a pleasant surprice.
BRIAN HARVEY There was a long line and staff was busy showing/selling new product
DENISE BALFE Only issue I have is that I cannot put my basket on, it won't snap on - I will stop by the store with my bike. The bike feels great, tight and secure. Always appreciate the friendly, informative staff
Gary Johnson one guy was assisting customer...other worker didn't seem to notice me for aprox 10 minutes .
TOM BERLIN Love this shop!! Hands down the best!! Dan Deano Will and the crew are all top notch!!!
TOM BERLIN Love this shop!! Hands down the best!! Dan Deano Will and the crew are all top notch!!!
THOMAS HUNTER III I got a flat on the way to work, rode into town on the rim, locked the bike infront of your shop and ran for the train. I called in from Boston, gave (Mat?) the combination and asked if it could be fixed by that afternoon. I picked it up at 3 and made my afternoon meeting. You guys are great.
GAIL&DENNIS KOONTZ Great Staff/Great, efficient Service
THOMAS ROSATTO great service
EDWARD VEIGA Dino was great
ROBERT E STEVENS Dan, Dino, et al, always friendly, courteous, and extremely knowlegable. I've used them exclusively for the past ten years for a least two tuneups a year. I've tried others, but Salem Cycle outshines the mall.
KEN RUNYAN Dan was very helpful an did exactly what we agreed on. Thanks for the great service!!
STACEY RISTUCCIA dan was a great help
DAN MESSINA Came out in more then prefect shape then the way it went in
ROBERT E STEVENS As usual, Dan, Dino, and the boys always exhibit tremendous knowledge and customer service.
THOMAS ROSATTO always friendly and knowledgeable
ROBERT E STEVENS always a pleasure deling with Dan, Dino, and the boys at Salem Cycle.
JESSICA&STEPHANIE FORGIONE A common occurrence at this store is that we are never greeted - in the retail or the service areas. I almost walked out last time because no one was acknowledging that I was even there.
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Question 2
I was greeted by a service staff member promptly.

I was greeted by a service staff member promptly. Total Votes
Yes 245
No 8

GLYNNE ALFRED They were so sweet to my busy body dog! Thanks for the great service!
MATT CARUSO Staff is always attentive and helpful.
TERRI JUPPE & BETH O'BRIEN Staff exceptional.
Gary Johnson seemed as tho person who assisted me just wanted to get back to doing anything other than assist customer.
ROBERT E STEVENS Salem Cycle's customer service is simply the best!
FRANCES WEINER Promptly enough given the amount of customers.
JIM & ANGELA CORCORAN I was assisted immediately with friendly , courteous, and knowledgeable staff
Chris Nelson He was helping another customer but the only one there.
Joan Glusman great service. very competent and helpful staff
THOMAS ROSATTO great service
JERRY SMITH Great Customer service.
Susan Redditt Excellent service and help with tire decisions.
ANDREW MUTTIAH Everything was great.
JOE BEGANY Dan and his guys are always very attentive and nice to deal with.
DOUG WAITT Dan and his crew are always friendly ,knowledgeable and helpful.
ROBERT E STEVENS As I always am greeted.
DAN MESSINA Always great they greet with a smile
DENISE BALFE Always an informative and friendly visit
Bethany Roditi All around good service .. all staff are friendly and chill .
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Question 3
The service staff was courteous and friendly.

Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagree83.7%
The service staff was courteous and friendly. Total Votes
Strongly Agree 210
Agree 36
Disagree 5

THOMAS ROSATTO very thorough
ANDREW ST PIERRE They tried to sell me on new brake pads which i somewhat need but not a new chain which i definitely need?
THOMAS ROSATTO they know their stuff!
JERRY SMITH They have always been very professional but fun to talk to.
TIM CONERY They correctly diagnosed that I had a broken spoke, which isn't hard, but they failed to recognize that my wheel has black spikes and the repair was a silver spike. Wheel works fine, but this is a small detail that most shops would pick up on. I would have waited an extra day to get the right part.
CONNOR&NICOLE; RYAN There we're a few moments of confusion.
JESSICA&STEPHANIE FORGIONE The pedal that they fixed came unscrewed again the next time I rode it.
SHAWN SEARS The front wheel on my bike was out of true, I told them this so there wasn't anything to diagnose.
PAUL LESSARD Staff need to indicate to person leaving bike what the anticipated time frame is for repair. A person who is an avid bike rider can't leave a bike for 5 days and just have it sit waiting for repair unless absolutely necessary. Just tell us what the scoop is.
FRANCES WEINER Some staff more friendly than others. The tall young man with black hair [did not get his name] was extremely helpful on Friday, May 18th.
DOUG WAITT see above comment
Gary Johnson I was told 1 price for changing freewheel , and charged something else .
DEMETRA PONTISAKOS I reported an issue with my gearing. I was told it was test driven and resolved, but it has not been resolved. I need to bring the bike back but I am leaving for vacation this week and it will have to wait until I get back.
JOE BEGANY I often have problems with my bike that I am not aware of until Dan or one of his mechanics points them out. They leave no stone unturned.
PETER NIEDZWIECKI I came in at exactly 10am and the sales guy fixed my flat promptly.
ERIC CASTILLO I brought in my front wheel to have three spokes replaced, the next day I decided to bring in my bike for a tune-up. I was later called to be notified that my bike had some cracks in two different areas (frame and fork). I asked the staff member about a bike that was available at the store for $400; I asked him if the tune-up had been completed, he replied "no." He told me that if I bought the bike, he would not charge me for the work that was already done to my wheel, I bought the bike, and the showed up a couple of days later to pick it up. When I showed up to pick up my bikes (the new and the broken one) the same individual who I spoke with was present. He claimed that the spokes were not removed from the wheel and offered me two choices, 1) to pay only for the labor (installation of the spokes) and they would keep the wheel or 2) to pay a slightly lower price to have the spokes removed and then be allowed to take the wheel. I felt that I was being ripped-off, and instead of arguing with him (who appeared to be a little hostile) I decided to pay the full price and take my wheel. What still do not understand is, we would he offer to not charge me for whatever work was done to my wheel but then decides to charge me for the labor. At first, I thought he did this to provide good customer service, but then it appeared as if he was backing up on his words or was hoping that I would leave my wheel behind for him to keep. I even expressed to him my dissatisfaction and told him that it does not make any sense that he would keep my entire wheel only because it has 3 of his spokes on it. I was left wondering, if I got treated differently than the rest of your customers or if this is the way in which you treat everyone else, which I highly doubt.
DAN DRAGANI Guy is a jerk.
DENNIS VIGNEAULT didn't need diagnostic
GEORGE RECORD courteous yes, friendly not
ROBERT E STEVENS As they always are.
THOMAS ROSATTO always great
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Question 4
The service department did a thorough job of diagnosing all of my mechanical issues.

AgreeStrongly AgreeDisagreeStrongly Disagree17%79.8%
The service department did a thorough job of diagnosing all of my mechanical issues. Total Votes
Agree 42
Strongly Agree 197
Disagree 7
Strongly Disagree 1

DOUG WAITT YES ! I'm out riding on a bike at 100% again.
DEMETRA PONTISAKOS The repair was not actually completed. See above.
PERSEUS LEPAGE My work was done the same day, and really well done.
EDA MATCHAK much confusion about work being completed when I went to pick up bike.
NINA COHEN Just got a spring tune-up. Wasn't looking at mechanical issues.
JOE BEGANY It's almost always early
Linda Wilson It was actually completed earlier than promised.
MICHAEL ELLIS In fact they went out off their way to expedite the turn around time, to help me with my travel plans - so thank you!
JOANNE MATTERA I will br bringing my bike into the shop tomorrow (Wednesday) because the brake is still making a knocking sound. It did not do this when I brought it in for the tuneup. Though your mechanic thought he fixed it, he was not successful, as I found out on my ride home.
RAY & PAM KENTLEY SWARTZ I was astonished that the repair was done quickly while I waited. I expected to leave the bike there for at least a day.
TAYLER GOUCHBERG I did not pick the bike up promptly - but they kept it far past when I would have expected and they were so nice about it too!
DAN MESSINA Got it sooner then they said
PATRICK&DENISE SMITH Full drivetrain replacement and upgrade was installed perfectly and a pro level tune-up as well. My 12 year old cyclocross bike is riding like new thanks to the service staff at Salem Cycle. Big Thanks. And love the camo bar tape.
JIM & ANGELA CORCORAN Does not a Apply
ROBERT E STEVENS As they alwas do.
ANDY SHEPLEY Ahead of time.
LARRY&SHELLY BUCHSBAUM After my wife took my bicycle to another shop that didn't have a clue, you guys immediately diagnosed the problem and the fix was successful. I will not trust repairs to another shop. You guys are the best!
BOB MURRAY Actually, earlier than I expected
BRIAN HARVEY Actually, a day early!
KIRT RIEDER & CATHERINE MILLER Actually done a day early.
DENNIS VIGNEAULT "While I wait" service on a Saturday was very cool.
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Question 5
The repairs were completed by the promised date and time.

YesNo, and I was not notified of the delayNo, but I was notified of the delay95.9%
The repairs were completed by the promised date and time. Total Votes
Yes 234
No, and I was not notified of the delay 6
No, but I was notified of the delay 4

NICK LEWIS Within 2 hours of dropping the wheels off!
ANDREW LEWIS While I waited...excellent service as always
MATTHEW ROYAL Way faster than I even expected! Thanks guys!
MIKE RING Upon receiving my bike the front tire was flat, and the sticker on my seat tube was destroyed. The mechanical work was sound but I wish more care or any responsibility for my sticker was taken. I will not be returning.
ROBERT E STEVENS Turn around time a bit length, out 8 days.
Susan Redditt This was especially helpful...very fast turn-around.
CONNOR&NICOLE; RYAN They were completed early.
SHAWN SEARS There is still a wabble in my front wheel. I am not happy. $30 should fix the issue but it didn't
THEO COWAN The work was done on time. But your point of sale system was down when I tried to take delivery. Since I could not pay I was forced to return the next day.
TED STOLZ & JOANNE KOWALSKI The repair (rear wheel: broken spoke & wheel truing) was completed far in advance of the estimated time. I really appreciated that. It got me back on the road much sooner.
DAN MESSINA The day I got it I was riding to the train station and some D-Bag cut me off, causing the chain to fall off. So I had to put it back on, other than that ( which wasn't your fault ) everything is good
GAIL&DENNIS KOONTZ the chain and rear sprocket still skip in certain gears, but overall it is better by far than when I dropped it off
DOUG WAITT thanks again Dan - you got right to it - and I'm out riding again.
MARC & HEATHER HAZEL squeezed me in so I had my bike for a group ride in a couple days. THANK YOU!!!!
THOMAS ROSATTO Right on the spot
CHRIS MUNTIU picked up my bike today and rode it twice -- feels and brakes nicely.
Gary Johnson over charged , not happy
PATRICK&DENISE SMITH On time to the day and hour!
MAGGIE&KEN DOBIE My seat was damaged no one knows what happen even me, but Dan replaced it without question. Thank you
KAREN BYRON My bikes were ready even earlier than I'd expected! Thank you.
JOHN&JEAN OWEN In this case the technician misconfigured my derailleur, allowing me access to six of nine gears. I had to return the bike to the shop to have this addressed.
JOE BEGANY I'm pretty hard on my bike. They return it to me like new every time.
CARL FRIES I wanted someone to look at my chain length and either confirm that it had been installed correctly or install a correctly sized chain. Instead, the service department messed with my derailluer cables and my shifting is out wack (can't shift to my large gear in the front and my chain hops between gears on the back).
TIM CONERY I thought the repair cost was high, especially considering the wrong part was used
TOM BERLIN I love this shop!!
TOM BERLIN I love this shop!!
TOM BERLIN I love this shop!!
ANDREW ST PIERRE I got a new rear derailler but it shifted better with the old one, before it broke. But i thought they would at least spend the time to make sure the gears shiftes amoothly woth the new one.
THOMAS ROSATTO Fast and thorough
DAVE SHIELS Did not have a due date.
EDWARD SACCO Bike rides like new
BRIAN HARVEY Best the nine had ridden in years
ROBERT E STEVENS as a stubborn habit, I never give 10s. Always room for some improvement. 9 is execellent in my book.
BRIAN HARVEY After I picked my bike up the right side shifters feel all messed up and do not shift anywhere nearly as smoothly as they used to. The bike is only a couple months old so this shouldn't be a problem
ROBERT E STEVENS about as good as it gets.
ROBERT E STEVENS a one day delay on receiving parts from third party/
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Question 6
On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being extremely satisfied), how satisfied were you with the work performed on your bicycle?

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being extremely satisfied), how satisfied were you with the work performed on your bicycle? Total Votes
1 19
8 13
9 27
10 184
2 2
7 2
5 7
6 1
3 1

ROBERT E STEVENS You're the best at what you do.
MICHAEL ELLIS Well, when I get back to Salem - that may be a while!
JOANNE MATTERA Waiting for the repair to be resolved.
ROBERT E STEVENS Very satified
Gary Johnson sorry , will not return. I was over charged on quoted price , and over charged on bicycle lock cable also
TIM CONERY See comments above.
MATTHEW ROYAL Seat post is great.
THOMAS HUNTER III Only because I like to do my own work when I can.
OMAR LONGUS One of the services I requested was having a new seat post tube installed. I assumed that the original seat post tube would be returned so I could use it on another bike. It was not and I do not understand why. The attendant I saw when I picked up the bike told me to call this week to find out, but I haven't found time to call during store hours.
ANDREW ST PIERRE Not sure, it is the closest bike shop to me but they did not give me the broken derailler back upon return. This caused me to question whether the original could have beem repaired but they didn't want me to show it to anyone
BRIAN HARVEY Normally you do great work this of the first time I'm disappointed
OWEN&EILEEN MATHIEU My wife's bike was making noises. I was told it needed a tune-up and new cog set and chain. $150 later the noise has not changed. Have been away sunce we discovered it on our first ride, but will bring it back today or tomorrow.
GLYNNE ALFRED Just sold my only bike. If I ever get another you'll be where I come to buy and keep it maintained.
Kyle Pied It seemed like the bike was in perfect working order, however my opinion changed after the first ride almost immediately after. 15 minutes after riding it to work early in the morning I was changing gear's when the chain fell off and got wedged between the gears and the frame itself. Couldn't fix it until after work when one of my coworkers who know much about bike's came over to check it out. Turns out that the system used to change gear's was improperly setup and unaligned to the gear's causing the chain to get wedged. I was a hour and a half late for work that day and still trying to get my manager and supervisor's off my back about it. Thank you for the problem and headache this caused for me!
EDWARD SACCO I'm a regular now.
MIKE RING I will be going to danvers
SHAWN SEARS I want to support my local shop but this wasn't a good first impression
GAIL&DENNIS KOONTZ i think you charge fair prices ad do the work you say you do
CARL FRIES I paid $150 to get my bike 'serviced' so I'm bringing it back in as soon as I can so it can get back to normal.
MARC EICHLER I paid $10 each to have slicks put on and the rear tire was put on backwards. I could've done that myself for free. I had to bring it back and have it redone properly.
THEO COWAN I had a tube replaced that I purchased from the shop a couple months ago. I was not satisfied with the quality of the tube sold, but the service was good.
SARA REID I got a new shifter put on my bike, i am happy to have a bike now but the shifter drops from the easiest gear down in on its own. Can I get it adjusted?
MAGGIE&KEN DOBIE I couldn't make the slide bar go to ten 😜
ANDY CUNNINGHAM I came in with my bike wheel because I needed a new tube and I was out of replacements. The gentleman who assisted me went above and beyond. He explained the proper technique for getting the tire on and off the rim and also let me try out the technique. He also pointed out to me that my rim was already set up to go tubeless, which I did not even realize. A very postive experience and I will be back at some point to change this wheel over to tubeless. Thank You!
TOM BERLIN Every time I need something I come here!!
TOM BERLIN Every time I need something I come here!!
TOM BERLIN Every time I need something I come here!!
P DOUGLAS BURGESS Even though it was near closing time and the shop was busy the service dept offered to get my work out while I waited.
CHRIS MUNTIU During times when busy at work, it can be tough for me to get to downtown Salem.
PERSEUS LEPAGE Dan, Deano and all are the best, and really care about the work they do and what the customer wants, they deliver. They gave me thoughtful advice as to adding drop bar extensions to my Tern folding bike so I could have drop bars without changing the brakes and shifters, and they didi a wonderful job, I love this setup, it works perfectly for me and has made this bike even more fun to ride.
JOE BEGANY Can't imagine going anywhere else.
PAUL LESSARD Bike needs to be road tested by mechanic to see if it shifts properly before releasing bike to customer.
DENISE BALFE Bike has a squeak in the wheel, also took basket off before I brought it in and now cannot put the basket back on. I will call and make an appt to bring it by, usually basket snaps right back in. Thanks!
THOMAS ROSATTO Best shop around
ROBERT E STEVENS as a stubborn habit, I never give 10s. Always room for some improvement. 9 is execellent in my book.
THOMAS ROSATTO always great job here. great staff!!
RONALD DEARDEN A job well done thank you
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Question 7
On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being extremely likely), how likely is it that you will return to our service department in the future?

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being extremely likely), how likely is it that you will return to our service department in the future? Total Votes
5 3
8 9
9 24
10 191
1 17
7 6
6 2
4 1
2 2
3 1

SUSANNA KITTREDGE This would be a 10...except I live in Medford, so I might try and find some place closer to home.
MARC EICHLER Not very likely.
Kyle Pied Look at the question above, pretty much explains why I won't be visiting you're store again for any reason guaranteed.
ROBERT E STEVENS I've tried many local competitors, and always end up going back to Salem Cycle, because I know the repair or tune-up will be performed to my expectation.
THEO COWAN I wonder about the quality of your parts. You also keep inconvenient hours. But the staff is knowledgeable, and the location is convenient. I will likely come back (assuming your POS is working)
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Question 8
We welcome any other comments or suggestions you may have for our service department

I'm a throughly satified customer.…I was so please with how Dino tuned up m…Keep up the good work.1/2362.5%
We welcome any other comments or suggestions you may have for our service department Total Votes
I'm a throughly satified customer. Enjoy Thanksgiving Robert Stevens 1
I was so please with how Dino tuned up my bike and cleaned it this year!!! Everyone is always friendly in your shop and super helpful. 1
Keep up the good work. 1
I have nothing but praise for Salem Cycle service, top notch, friendly, it's obvious they love what they do and do it well, and they care about each bike they service. 1
I love my bike and your staff. Always helpful , won't buy anywhere else ................. 1
Love the bike / great staff Won't buy anywhere else 1
Excellent staff and service 1
I love my new bike! Need to change the tires for something a little less wide. Would've taken advantage of the 20% deal for a lock, but my son works indirectly for Kryptonite, and we got a lock for half-price. Thx, again, Dan. It's really important, as far as I'm concerned, to work with people in the community that you know and trust. - John B. 1
Great shop and friendly and informative owner... 1
You guys did good. 1
I very much like the procedure of making an appointment days ahead to get a bike tuned up. I did it twice and it worked very smoothly. 1
One question: why did you switch from to 1
We were shock at how high the bill was for our repairs. 2
Beth and I were very satisfied with the purchase of her Tern Bicycle. She is loving it. The service is the best around. We will be telling our friends to go to Salem Cycle for all their Bicycle needs. 1
The best staff - pleasant, engaging and helpful!! 1
best bike shop around 1
I really like Bell helmets and it would be nice if you could stock them in your store 1
Parking is bad so street side pick up/ drop off would help in October 1
I'm new to Salem and was riding regularly with the Greenline Velo club in Brookline, had heard good things about Salem Cycles and was looking forward to making some riding friends and support the local cycle shop. Some handouts at the service desk about group rides and fun local routes would make the entry into the area easier. 1
You guys always do a great job. I'm always greeted as soon as I walk in the door and you guys always take your time to give me and advice and help me with my purchases. I love that I bought my Giant Defy 5 from my local bike shop. 1
Dino is great as well as the rest of the staff. Very helpful and knowledgable. Thanks! 1
Rides better than when new! 1
I thought the service was great. I'm glad to have a cleaned up, fixed up bike. I should have asked about reflective clothing or belts. Only thing I don't like is feed back questionnaires where you have to fit your thoughts into prescribed questions. Mary 1
Thank you so much for your patience with me. I know I lost patience with myself - I haven't been home much, and this week marks the first time I have been home for more than two weeks at a time since my birthday in late September! I was swarmed with a lot of things to do and never had time and transport at the same time to be able to pick the bike up. Thanks also for your patience with payment. Thanks for your work - the thing works better now than it did when I got it! I will definitely be back! Hopefully not too soon. 1
Great job on my sons bike finished ahead of date promised 1
The service department at Salem Cycle is top notch. Deano and company always go above and beyond when working on my bikes, they treat them as if they were their own bikes, and their knowledge and skill is unsurpassed. I am so happy to be so close to Salem Cycle, my only negative would be that I am likely to wind up with 7 bikes if I am not careful ;-) 1
Thank you for the bike pick-up! Deano did a great job on my bike. 1
Outstanding service, a great vibe, I have already recommended the shop to several friends. Thanks for the great work! 1
I appreciate the good service and knowledgeable staff. Each year these guys make my ride run like new and provide me with the stuff I need to be safe on my bike. Thanks, William. 1
Love Dan, Dino, and the staff at Salem Cycle. 1
let me no when electric bikes come in 1
Love the pick up service. Thanks Dan for helping me with the bike rack and repair . -also appreciated advice to future options 1
Effective and appropriate communication should take the place of excuses 1
I would always return the broken/replaced parts to the customer. 1
I thought you do a great job with service and other stuff with bikes And I tell everyone who asks to go and check you guys out when they want to buy a bike. 1
My main considerations when purchasing are loyalty and trust. I want to support local stores. 1
As always, great service 1
Will was great! 1
Great job in getting the bike ready for the road, involving replacing the stem that holds the handlebars. - much appreciated 1
The shop clerk was fine, but the shop manager just totally ignored me. Will likely take future work elsewhere. Too bad, I have six bikes that require regular maintenance. 1
I am so happy I stoped by Salem cycles. Dino was able to macgiver A temporary fix for my bike in order for me to race. After the race I drop the bike and he took good care of it. All set already to go for my IMLP in July! Thanks PS: my bike name is Valentina Cervelo 1
I love the fact that your staff bring me back and try and explain what is going wrong. Especially since i like old bikes i'm always fixing something so I'm sure I'll keep you in work for a while. thanks to your great team! 1
Appreciate thorough check of bike to when i brought in for servicing. Also think 20% off accessory is good idea. 1
They have my Business And my Loyalty!! Hands down the best!! 2
I had pedals that I purchased at your store, and had installed there. While riding, one pedal keeping unscrewing while riding. I have to keep checking it and threading it back in. I came in to have it fixed, and while it lasted a little longer, it still began to unscrew during a 25 mile ride 2 days after having it fixed. 1
Great shop!! Great staff!! I'm a customer for life!!! 3
great job 1
Love this bike shop won't go anywhere else!!!!!! 2
I had a recurring flat on my back tire that you figured out. 1
Keep up what your doing ! 1
Always a good place to come when I'm in over my head. 1
always a great visit to the shop. everyone is so nice and friendly/helpful 1
I may be in the market for a road bike soon, and I will be looking in the direction of Salem Cycle... 1
Salem cycles is the place to be. The staff was very knowledgeable and fixed my vintage bike for $35. This in contrast with Laundrys cycles who told me to throw away the bike since the parts are not easy to find. 1
keep it up!! 1
Enjoy doing bus.with your Co.Having owned a small business,service with a smile is the best precursor of the work to be performed by professionals.You passed! TY Dick Fox 1
I've been servicing my bikes for years at Dan's Salem Cycle and am completely satisfied with their professionalism, timeliness, and price point! 1
For my email, please use thanks. 1
I'm was thrilled that you had a "safety check" option for my 10 year old bike (that hadn't been used in that long either!). Thank you! 1
rather lengthy turn around from dropoff to pickup, otherwise, no complaints. Quality of work per usual, outstanding. 1
Dan is the best!! 1
The owner [Dan] is great. Most of the staff is helpful. Great service in all. The Delivery service was especially convenient. 1
There was confusion re: who was installing my wheel/disc brake. There was also confusion about whether or not you did "these kinds of jobs" on Saturday. (This occurred after I was called and asked if I could come in early – I was originally scheduled to bring the bike in Monday.) The invoice was off by $70ish. These problems were each rectified, but the overall customer service experience was wanting. That said, I'm still using Salem Cycle as my home shop. 1
Thank you! 1
AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING SERVICE Riding my bike from Peabody to Olde Towne Mbld, hit a pothole almost into Salem, flat tire, hitched a ride into Salem,to The Bike Shop and 8 minutes later back on the road biking home!!! Thank you so much guys, Dr Borash 1
I love Salem Cycle and will continue to have my bikes serviced there. It is the first place I'll go when I need a new one, advice or accessories. I always tell friends to go there, too! 1
Great job as always. So glad to be able to have my bike serviced by Salem Cycle. 1
Great ! Thank you all ! 1
Thanks for all of your help! Watch out for wasabi! 1
great job, thank you! 1
I would not have complained or given any feedback, but I figure if you send out this form, you want to know the good, bad and the ugly. It was a simple job that I feel like I was overpaying for in the first place, but had it been done right, I would've been fine with it. Since I had to come back a second time to get the error fixed, and was not offered anything to make it up to me, I really feel like my time and money were not well spent. 1
Dan and his crew continue to provide the best customer service and always meet or exceed my expectations. I strongly recommend you consider Salem Cycle for all your road, mountain, or eBike purchase, service, or repairs. Very nice local small business who always has the customer's best interest in mind. 1
Great shop with a great crew 1
Miscommunication in bike purchase resulted in me having to order on-line and drive to Hartford to get the bike I wanted. 1
Enjoyed chatting with the service staff on the work performed. 1
Very grateful for your assistance! 1
Parking near the shop can be a challenge. 1
Staff was not very friendly. I seemed to be challenged by them as I asked questions about the issues that I wasn’t totally clear on. They couldn’t find specific spokes needed which was fine but I was never notified. They just sat with the bike for an additional 4 days until i called. When I called the bike had just sat. Due to the issue of not being able to locate the parts we discussed on the phone to delete the scope of a new gear set in the back because I need a whole new Ebike rear tire setup. They still put the deleted work on and charged me for it. I had to hassle to at least get $10 off the $30 additional in stuff I didn’t order. Got home and the tires weren’t inflated properly even though I paid for a tune up. Everytime I was in the shop it felt like they didn’t want me there. The service tech was excellent though. He really knows his stuff. If he ran the shop I’d go back. I expect a phone call for all of this. 781-479-9574. 1
Great service all around. Thanks, guys. 1
Excellent service 1
Thanks for the work you did on my bike. 1
Keep up the great work.Ever though about showing a video of the maintenance guys working on bikes? Would be great to fill in the waiting time to change a flat, swap a chain out, re-tape your handlebars, select the right seat height and/or how to select the proper placing of your cleat holders on your bike shoes. Any subject that makes biking safer or more efficient would be great. 1
What can I say?! Flawless service! 1
Dan is great!!! My bike was done on time and fixed properly. 1
Excellent solution to convert my road bike to an upright hybrid. 1
Great job, thank you 1
As always, excellent service by Dan Shuman and his staff. Highly recommend! 1
Salem Cycle is very knowledgeable and service oriented. I enjoy doing business there! 1
The service and communication about my bike was excellent. Thanks! 1
Feels like the rear wheel brakes might be rubbing, will stop in Satu/Sund the 19/20 for adjustment. 1

Keep up the good work