Guide to Cycling Hydration

Guide to cycling hydration

Drinking water is important. Everybody knows that. But do you know just how much you need to be drinking before, during and after a ride? We’ve got some simple guidelines to hydration below. They’re an excellent starting point for discovering your formula to success, but remember, each individual will vary in their hydration needs.

Before riding

Before you even get on your bike, especially if you’re going for a longer ride, you will want to sip 12-16 ounces of water at four hours and two hours prior to the ride. This will help you avoid becoming dehydrated during your ride, but does NOT replace drinking during a ride. You may want to also consider a pre-ride sports drink that can help give an extra carbohydrate energy boost to your ride.

While riding

As a general rule, you should consume one 16-ounce bottle every hour of riding in cool weather. If it’s a steamy day, you may require up to four bottles in one hour. If going for a longer ride, you may want to drink an energy drink as well as water to help replenish electrolytes. These drinks provide quick-absorbing carbohydrates that replace those stores you’re burning off.

After riding

Once you get off your bike, you’ll want to drink at least 16 ounces of water or a recovery drink. A recovery drink can help rebuild muscles, as well as prevent soreness and fatigue. It’s also a good idea to eat a small meal within an hour of finishing your ride to help in replenishing fluids, calories and electrolytes.

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