Cycling Tips

New bike? Here’s what else you may need

Considering a pump? Get the right type

Proper shifting helps your bike work better and last longer

Lock your bike to keep it safe

A pre-ride checklist minimizes on road problems

Riding with kids

Considerations when taking kids riding

The case for child trailers

Bike Comfort

Saddle set up

Why you should not tip your saddle nose down

Shorts that are long on comfort

Clothing Tips

Cycling gloves protect your hands

Arm, leg and knee warmers

What makes a great rain jacket

Tool Tips

Seat bag emergency kit contents

The most versatile multi-tool

Keep your tool kit fresh

Upgrade your patch kit

Fall and Winter Riding Tips

How to ride in the rain

Safer night riding begins with good lighting

Choose the right tire tread

Maintenance Tips

Wash your bike

Chains do wear out

Chain tools and their importance

Simple chain cleaning and lubrication

How to fit a helmet

How do I adjust my helmet straps

Correct Tire pressure Improves your ride